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Welcome on my personal website! Let me introduce myself.
I AM THAT I AM! My "personal" name, as given to me is: Maria Lagou and I live in the Netherlands/Holland. My spiritual name is: Sri Lalita Devi which means: The Devine Universal Mother of the Ultimate State of Consciousness of Bliss. I feel very honored to have received this name from Shri Guru Muniraj Maharaj, the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya from India, a little time before he went into Mahasamahdi at the ashram of Sri Haidakhan Baba (Maha Avatar Babaji -The Yogi Christ from Yogananda's Dairy of a Yogi).

I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to have met spiritual masters and to deeply realize, that there doesn’t really exist such a thing as a separate "person".

So, if you are aware of who you really are, you are watching the cosmic play, without necessarily needing to identify with the "melodrama" of any of these illusionary person-al "roles". They may do their dance. But you deeply realise that you are not the "wave"….you are the same water, as the ocean itself. In reality, there is No-One else to find here to identify with, except the ONE Consciousness, the Oneness, you already are! It is simply, what Is right Now. Always here…It is what it Is. Every moment is just fresh and new. According to the Hindu's it is only Shiva dancing the Cosmic Dance. What an extraordinary illuminated beauty!! Om Namah Shivaya!

This is exactly what makes the Cosmic Play of Life so very exciting, playful and truly blissful. When such a shift of Consiousness takes place, then life becomes a miraculous Blessing and your Heart is totally awakened. We become more alive and the power of unconditional love and freedom, takes over. Effortless inner peace and Joy/Bliss arises, from within.

According to Zen monks, before enlightenment "...chop wood and carry water", after enlightenment "... chop wood and carry water". It looks like nothing has changed, everything goes on, but inwardly change is radically and mindblowing.

I can think of no greater honor and joy than to share this information with others and assist in the rediscovery of the True Self and the inner beauty that is present in all of us, every moment. To assist people in remembering that we are not separate. That we are all ONE in essence. That We Are ONE Consciousness.

REMEMBERING: We Are Love, and from there on everything is possible. We are all Equal. We are entering a new world. It is time now to Awaken into this illuminated world of Completion and Joy, Simplicity and Truth by Awakening our Illuminated Heart !! Remembering becomes effortless, when we are really in the core of our essence, in the tiny space of the sacred heart... when we may feel again in peace and safely, Home.

The Heart is always open to share the universal truth that allows us to see God, beyond the ego, when looking into the eyes of the one, standing in front of us. It is the completion and the inner bliss of the True Self, when it can see and experience itself consciously, through its creation, through these human bodies, recognizing that it is in everything and everywhere, as ONE and the SAME consciousness!!It is in that moment that you realise that you are one with God, you always have been and nothing can change it. Without effort…only Being!


The journey of Remembering really began more than 30 years ago.
I was born in Athens, Greece and I lived for a long time in the Netherlands, and later on returned there for a second time (in 1989), when I was transferred from the head office of the international company I worked for, at that time, to work at our local office in Amsterdam. In Holland I felt "at home" right from the beginning. In the first years of my stay I was very surprised to be able to speak Dutch fluently very quickly… I've always had a strong feeling that I had been in this area of the world.. once before, A long time ago.

CHILDHOOD near to the ANCIENT TEMPLES: In Greece I've lived close to the ancient Temples of Athena, Poseidon, Eleysis and often during the summers at Ancient Epidauros. I often visited the Ancient Theatre & Asclipeion, in Epidauros. As a child I could perceive subtle energies, and I felt a strong connection with the ancient wisdom of Greece and Egypt. I have been very lucky to have had a very wise spiritual grandmother, who taught me a lot about Spirituality and Cosmology. At a very young age, I undertook training in the philosophic Pythagorean teachings in Athens.

Questions such as: Who am I ? Why am I here ? and The Ancient Greek Aphorism at the Apollo Temple in Delphi "Know Thy Self" inspired me in searching for the ultimate Truth. As I said before, after many years of searching, I deeply realized in this life, that there does not exist such a thing as a separate "person". By going beyond the very first thought "I AM" I could experience the aliveness, the beauty and the inner peace of the True, Original Self, who recides in every one of us and is always here.

MARIA'S ACTIVATION OF THE MERKABA/LIGHTBODY: In 1985, during my travels to Nepal and Tibet something very beautiful happened to me... a spiritual experience that totally changed my life. Years later... looking back on it, I realized that at that very moment my Merkaba/Light Body had been spontaneously activated. At that time the Merkaba was still completely unknown to me, but I felt, from that moment on, completely surrounded and supported by a huge white light energy.

I could feel totally centered into my heart. Every heart's desire manifested simultaneously with grace and ease. Although, I had a very busy job as one of the few members of a special central unit in charge of monitoring management for a national airline company, I could feel completely at peace and "in love" and I was able to communicate by heart directly with (the True Self of) the people around me. When I met Drunvalo 12 years later I understood that indeed sometimes the Mer*Ka*Ba / our Light Body can be activated spontaneously by Grace. We all carry this sacred knowledge within us from a very long time ago.

FOUNDER OF H.U.E INSTITUTION: In the 90’s, I was head of the Human & Universal Energy Research Institute and non-profit Healing Center in Amsterdam, and gave training in energetic therapy and healing to large groups of people.

IN 1997, MARIA'S FIRST CERTIFICATON BY DRUNVALO MELCHIZEDEK, AS TEACHER/FACILITATOR IN SACRED GEOMETRY / FLOWER OF LIFE & THE MERKABA SCIENCE: During my spiritual odyssey, searching for answers, I came into personal contact with Drunvalo Melchizedek, in the late 90’s. At that time he was not as well known, as he is now. In 1997, I was trained by him personally, and became a certified teacher/facilitator in Sacred Geometry / Flower of Life and the Merkaba technique. From day one, I felt very moved, thankful and inspired by Drunvalo’s unconditional love, wisdom & simplicity, as my mentor and teacher. In the same year my Higher Self appeared to me....such an ultimate Grace!

FOLOWING Drunvalo: I haven been blessed to attend since Drunvalo's Earth and Sky workshop in Colorado in 1998, several other workshops given by him, all over the globe. In April 1999 I've participated in the 10-day amazing gathering „The Return of the Ancestors” in Sedona organized by I.C.A (International Culture Awareness) by Adam Yellowbird, where more than 100 wisdomkeepers from all corners of the world, have partcipated, as also Drunvalo and Claudette. According to Drunvalo this gathering has really contributed to the shift of Consiousness on Earth.

MARIA'S CONTRUBUTION TO THE SHIFT OF UNITY-CONSCIOUSNESS: Since 1995, I had the great opportunity to give workshops, trainings, lectures, international programs and also to pass the sacred teachings of Drunvalo in the Netherlands and over the globe. I always feel blessed that since the early 90's I’ve been able to contribute intensively to the global shift into Unity-Consciousness, here on Earth. I am very thankful to have assisted and reached so many people in experiencing and remembering their true nature, and also in giving them tools for activating their Merkaba/ Light Body.

FOUNDATION OF (Consultancy & Training). In 1999 I founded the A.N.I.K. center (Ancient and New Integrated Knowledge) Consultancy and Training- A New Inner Knowing, in Amsterdam, which specifically focuses on transformation for a lasting and positive change to individuals, groups and organizations. We assist people and organizations to remember how to look at themselves and their surroundings with a greater awareness. We believe that personal change is the best guarantee for improving the work, but also for a better life and a better world.

LIVING IN THE HEART. In 2009, I started giving the first "Living in the Heart" workshops in Holland.

IN 2011, MARIA'S SECOND CERTIFICATON BY DRUNVALO MELCHIZEDEK, AS TEACHER of the AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART®: In July 2011, I studied again with Drunvalo in Sedona at the "School of Remembering" together with the first ATIH teachers over the globe, and became one of the first certified teachers for the latest Ascension material of Drunvalo "The Awakening the Illuminated Heart®". I feel full of joy and gratitude to represent this beautiful school abroad and to have assisted as teacher/group-leader for the ATIH® teachers training in Sedona. It is such a blessing in assisting people in remembering Who they really ARE!!

With his profound teachings, during the "Awakening the Illuminated Heart® workshops, Drunvalo brings people easily into the core of their essence and makes it possible for the many to experience their very Being, and start to remember who they really Are. This is really a gift of True Consciousness and at this time of transition, it is essential for Humanity and for our Planet!
Thank you Drunvalo!

EDUCATION: Over the years I have studied extensively, received certificates and acquired several bachelor & master degrees in various fields associated with human consciousness, such as Sociology, Pedagogy, Eclectic Integrative Psychotherapy, Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Psychosynthesis, Hypnotherapy /Inner Child work, Vipassana, Kundalini Yoga, Energetic Chakra healing (H.U.E) for body/mind/soul/spirit, Natural Medicine & Health / Medical Orthomoleculeraire dietetics, Ortho-ecology, Bio-energetics, Heart-coherence, Mindfulness trainer, QuantumTouch therapist/healer & trainer, and instructor of Merkaba and Awakening the Illuminated Heart.

SKILLS: My experience, background and skills help me additionally in my work as an ATIH® teacher guiding people through the beautiful exercises, entering into the Heart process, connecting the heart with the brain and opening the 3rd eye, the activation of the Golden Heart-Merkaba and healing during these workshops. Because of my background, the Awakening The Illuminated Heart® workshops, when taught by me, are accredited by KTNO as training points for therapists and practitioners of the following professional therapist Dutch associations: KYNO, LVNG, VBAG and BATC.

Since 1999 I work as a consultant/professional Coach, professional therapist & Trainer at A.N.I.K (Ancient & New Integrated Knowledge/ ANew Inner Knowledge) Consultancy & Training/ Amsterdam and a certified teacher of SOR/Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Over the years I’ve studied Esoteric Christianity, Buddhism, Greek Cosmology, Hinduism, Kriya Yoga, Non- duality teachings /Advaita, Ascension etc. It has been a really great pleasure to have travelled so much in my life and to have met, worked and have been taught by more than 50 spiritual teachers and masters around the world such as: my True Self, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Mahavatar Babaji The Yogi Christ, Guru Muniraj Maharaj, Paramahansa Yogananda, Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Papaji, Mother Meera, My Grandmother Maria Lagou, Eckhart Tolle, Almaas, Gangaji, ShantiMayi, Wolter Keers, Jan van Delden, Mooji, Anthony Parsons, the Tibetan Dzogchen lama Sogyal Rinpoche, his Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Jasmuheen, Master Luong Ming Dang, Osho, Richard Gordon, C. Jung, The Incas, The Mayans (Don Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj), Catherine Shainberg, and many others. I certainly do not forget that the Heart's teachings of JESUS CHRIST & Maria, my Higher Self, the sweet spirit of mother Earth and my Greek ancient ancestors, such as Apollo, Athena, Demeter, Plato, Socrates e.a. have guided me all the way and in every moment of this life.

What can I say after so many years of deepening the experience of Being? You cannot get there with the mind only, you have to find it in your heart. Find yourself…Remember who you really are, and either all the answers will be given or your questions will be resolved.... your perspective towards life will totally change is always to be found in the Now... effortless the fresh openness and spaciousness of your heart..when you realize this fully and integrate it in your daily life, a new world of Unity, Love, Bliss and Joy will be revealed.

My interest in the ancient wisdom and knowledge of different cultures and also in the Ancient Greek European roots (going back as far as the times of Hyperborea) inspires me in my work as founder of A.N.I.K.(Ancient & New Integrated Knowledge/ANew Inner Knowing).

I feel much joy to have contact with many indigenous people all over the world. I like to contribute, in participating in, or organizing seminars and supporting international activities such as the Peace Festivals in Europe for exchange and transmission of knowledge from our ancient heritage, bringing together several cultures from many continents here on Earth.

FIBONACCI: We cannot move positively forwards as a culture or as humanity into the future if we forget to look back and listen to ancient memories kept by indigenous tribes and cultures. I have been honored in 1999 to participate in the amazing gathering „The Return of the Ancestors” in Sedona organized by I.C.A (International Culture Awareness) by Adam Yellowbird, where more than 100 wisdomkeepers from all corners of the world participated, as also Drunvalo and Claudette.

THE MAYAS: This year (2013) we had two gatherings here in Europe (in France & Holland) with many wisdom keepers and I was blessed and honored to meet The Mayan Don Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj and Elizabeth Araujo from Guatemala, once again. Drunvalo writes a lot about them in his latest book "The Mayan Ouroboros".

With gratitude,
From My Heart to Yours!
Love, Maria Lagou.